About Us


What is rum traveling?

For us, it means embarking on a journey to a specific destination to find rum while also exploring unique activities and attractions along the way.  We seek out distilleries and local bars to try new types of rum and meet fellow rum enthusiasts.  Our travels often take us to places that are off the beaten path, which leads to interesting and exciting adventures that few have experienced. Our goal is to share these adventures and inspire others to discover rum by traveling to new places.  


Who are the Rum Travelers?

Rum Traveler is a joint venture between husband and wife couple Joe Horstkamp and Melissa Davis.  Joe and Melissa are rum enthusiasts and collectors with about 440 different rums in their home bar.  Both have served as judges at rum festivals over the past several years.  They enjoy educating others on the complexities of rum and encouraging them to expand their palates beyond mainstream brands.

But their love for rum goes beyond the spirit itself.  Joe and Melissa seek out exciting destinations to visit distilleries and learn about unique rum-making processes, as well as to experience local attractions.  They have visited 21 countries and 26 distilleries so far and are always looking for opportunities to visit more.  Their travels have taken them to active volcanoes, tropical rainforests, remote islands, and vibrant coral reefs. Along the way they have met incredible people and experienced many different cultures.  

Joe and Melissa are active participants in the rum industry, attending many rum festivals and tastings to try new expressions and meet other rum enthusiasts.  They are also passionate about the tiki culture and look for traditional tiki bars in the places they visit.  They recently began collecting tiki mugs, floats, and other tiki-themed decor to decorate their bar.

Rum Traveler always has something new and exciting in the works, so check the website and social media feeds for updates!

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